The PSBT members have adopted the PSBT Industry Best Practice Code and provide their services in accordance with the European EN 15038:2006 translation process standard, and many have additionally implemented the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

The EN 15038:2006 Standard

The PSBT plays a key part in preparing the Polish version of the specialist European translation standard EN 15038:2006. MAart Agency, a PSBT member company, translated and revised the EN 15038 standard into Polish in 2006 and thanks to the efforts of the PSBT it was published as a Polish standard by the Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN) on 9.10.2006. In co-operation with the PKN the PSBT also organized a conference devoted to the then newly published EN 15038:2006 standard for translation services.

Representatives of the PSBT created the first independent certification system for the EN 15038 standard in the world, accredited the first certification company (Bureau Veritas Certification), trained the auditors, and Polish companies were the first to obtain independent third-party EN 15038 certification as of the beginning of 2007.

In 2010 the PSBT accredited and trained the auditors for another independent certification body (DEKRA).

Other Industry Standards

The PSBT has always been very active in the development and promotion of industry standards:

  • Representatives of the PSBT serve on OASIS technical committees (notably XLIFF)
  • Representatives of the PSBT serve on PKN Technical Committee 256
  • Representatives of the PSBT continue to represent the Polish industry on the relevant CEN and ISO technical committees and helped develop several important standards (EN 15038;2006, ISO TBX, Unicode).