TM-Europe 2011 - International Conference (28 – 30 September, 2011)

The fourth TM-Europe 2011 International Conference was held in Warsaw, Poland from September 28 to September 30, 2011. The conference traditionally focuses on management issues for the translation and localisation industry and this year’s theme was “Process Management and Standards for the Translation and Localisation Industry”. The conference featured presentations and panel discussions on project management, business development and process optimization, technology and other translation management topics. The pre-conference XLIFF seminar was held on September 28 2011r and the PSBT (main conference patron) quarterly meeting was held on the same day. TM-Europe 2011 was organized in collaboration with IALB (International Association for Language and Business) and XLIFF TC - OASIS. Globalne corporations (Microsoft, SAP, Acronis) presented their translation and localisation models and leading TSPs and industry experts presented case studies and shared ideas during presentations, panels, and numerous networking events. During the final Warsaw Pact debate a panel composed of experts and industry practitioners discussed the importance of standards for the industry and the most significant recent developments in that field. More information: ,