The PSBT has a very impressive record and some major achievements over the past 10 years include:
  1. Promoting the Polish association at home and abroad. As a result of active PR, the PSBT currently represents companies from all over Poland. The member companies are all professionals in good standing, and dedicated to the provision of high quality services.
  2. The PSBT was instrumental in preparing the Polish version of the specialist European translation standard EN 15038:2006. A PSBT member company, translated and revised the EN 15038 standard into Polish in 2006 and thanks to the efforts of the PSBT it was published as a Polish standard by the Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN) on 9.10. 2006. In co-operation with the PKN the PSBT also organized a conference devoted to the then newly published EN 15038:2006 standard for translation services.
  3. Representatives of the PSBT created the first independent certification system for the EN15038 standard in the world, accredited the first certification company (Bureau Veritas Certification), trained the auditors, and Polish companies were the first to obtain independent third-party EN 15038 certification as of the beginning of 2007.
  4. In 2007 the PSBT published the PSBT Best Practice Code which laid down the standards for co-operation between a translation service provider, the vendors and the customers, as well as their mutual rights and obligations. The market has to a large extent adopted the PSBT Best Practice Code as a benchmark for professional translation and localisation services in Poland.
  5. PSBT represents the whole industry if necessary and is frequently also asked for assistance by non-member companies. One good example is the successful defence campaign initiated by the PSBT against a certain rogue consumer association which tried to initiate class legal action against many Polish translation companies in 2008 exchange for a settlement pay-off.
  6. PSBT offers arbitration services between its members and their customers and vendors. The PSBT Professional Ethics Committee has already settled several cases successfully.
  7. The PSBT represents Polish translation companies globally through memberships and liaisons with many industrial organisations - EUATC, ALC, LISA, OASIS, EAMT and tekom.
  8. The PSBT collaborates with TM-Global, an industry training and research company, and has been the patron of their annual TM-Europe International Conference (
  9. The PSBT collaborates with TM-Global on the annual TM-Global Translation and Localisation Market Survey.
  10. The PSBT co-operates with the Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN) on industry standards and best practice, and is represented on the PKN TC 256.
  11. The PSBT c0-operated with TILP on the CLP (Certified Localisation Professional) Programme. The PSBT organised and hosted the TILP CLP course in June 2008 and August 2009 in Warsaw.
  12. The PSBT is a member of the Inter-Institutional Consulting Committee for the Sworn (Certified) Translators and Interpreters Code and has been active in reviewing and proposing significant amendments to the document.
  13. The PSBT co-operates with other Polish industry organizations, including close collaboration with TEPIS (in developing a common policy on any future amendments to the Polish Sworn Translators Act, among others).